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  • 1st Grade Students Otis Lennon Testing

    Students in grade 1 will be taking the Otis-Lennon tests in the morning on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Students should get a good night sleep and a healthy breakfast.

    What are the Otis Lennon tests?

    The OLSAT is comprised of both verbal and nonverbal questions, measuring a student's ability to cope with school learning tasks. On the test, students will need to:

    • Follow directions
    • Detect likenesses and differences
    • Recall words and numbers
    • Classify items
    • Establish sequences
    • Solve arithmetic problems
    • Complete analogies

    The OLSAT is used specifically to measure abilities related to success in school, testing critical thinking and reasoning skills. The OLSAT is intended to test memory, speed of thought and ability to see relationships and patterns.


    HW Good Elementary
  • Yough School District Community Classes

    See the attached brochure for a listing of our 2017-2018 evening classes for the community.  Hope to see you there!

    HW Good Elementary
  • Free Lunch for Kindergarten


    We will be celebrating Lunch for Life on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.  All kindergarten students will receive a free lunch.  Thursday is banana split day!

    Tuesday- Corn Dog Nuggets

    Wednesday- Chicken Nuggets and Salad Bar

    Thursday- Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla


    HW Good Elementary
  • Sharing School Spirit

    Mrs. Berkey's high school art students visited HW Good to repaint our PAW prints out front. We are so excited to have a fresh look! Great job girls!

    HW Good Elementary
  • Crazy for Our Vets

    Crazy for Our Vets

    Students wore crazy hats and crazy hairstyles in honor of our veterans. We are fundraising to help support our annual Veterans program that will be held in November.

    Our students looked great today!

    HW Good Elementary
  • Career Cafe

    We had our first Career Cafe of 2017-2018. Special thanks to Mrs. DeVirgillio, Behavior Specialist for talking to our students about your job responsibilities and what skills are needed to perform your daily duties.
    Maybe you are asking, what is Career Cafe? Career Café is an opportunity for students to learn about careers from individuals in their community. This year, Career Café will be hosted in the library during lunchtime for 3rd and 4th grade students. The students will have an opportunity to eat their lunch as they hear fun facts and details about specific jobs, work schedules, and educational background relating to the job.
    As a parent/guardian, your role in this process is vital. You are very influential on a student’s career exploration process and ultimately in high school their career decisions. Consequently, you can influence the quality of the career exploration process by your support and involvement.
    We are always looking for speakers, please contact the school at 724-446-5503 if you are willing to spend 30 minutes with us.
    HW Good Elementary
  • HW Good Collects for the Local Foodbank

    Our annual food bank collection was a huge success. Special thanks to Mrs Bogac for coordinating the event. We collected around 600 items for the local food bank. Congratulations to Mrs Sabo and Miss King's classes for collecting the most items.

    HW Good Elementary
  • 3rd Grade to Morris Organic Farm

    3rd grade had the experience to visit an organic farm in our area. Special thanks to Morris Farm and the PA Farm to School Grant for making this day possible! It is nice to build partnerships in our community. Students got to pick produce and learn about daily functions of a working farm. Thank you Mr Wagner and Mrs Steban for organizing the trip and for providing the students with taste testing opportunities as a snack this afternoon.

    HW Good Elementary
  • Summer Reading and Math Challenge

    Mrs. Klobucar and Mrs. Terzolino hosted a summer math and reading challenge for our students.  Students who participated received a certificate and a medal.  Two students were randomly selected to win a special prize sponsored by the Yough Teachers Association.  

    Congratulations to Brad Tomko for winning the math challenge basket of fun and Caleb Poorbaugh for winning the reading challenge certificate to Barnes and Noble. 

    HW Good Elementary
  • New Student Ice Cream Social

    Ms. Mumau hosted our first ever new student ice cream social. The goal of this program was to:
    *Welcome new students
    *Support new students in understanding these “new feelings” are only temporary
    *To realize other friends are new too!
    *To enjoy some fun ice cream together!

    HW Good Elementary


 May 18, 2015
Dear Parents and Guardians,

There have been changes to state policies as outlined in Act 153 that require Pennsylvania school districts to revise their policies on clearances for staff and volunteers.

To comply with Act 153, Yough School District will now require all employees and volunteers to get new clearances every three years.

While we encourage parent participation in our schools, please be aware that to volunteer with Yough School District you must have current clearances – ones that are less than three years old.  Clearances will remain in effect for three years, and at the end of the three years, volunteers must obtain new clearances. Instructions and links are available below.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Dr. Amy Larcinese, Principal


In order to volunteer in the Yough School District, the following three (3) Clearances must be obtained prior to volunteering:

   1) ACT 34 PA State Criminal History (PATCH) Clearances

Fee - $10.00  |  Free for School Volunteers

  2) ACT 151 PA Child Abuse Clearances
Fee - $10.00  |  Free for School Volunteers

  3) ACT 114
FBI Fingerprint Criminal Background Clearances

Fee - $28.75

Please be aware that clearances may take as long as six to eight weeks to process. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to complete all three clearance applications and pay the associated fees. As soon as you receive your clearances, please take them to the school office. Schools will copy and keep on file.  You should retain a copy of your clearances for your records.

Below is a link to an article from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette regarding the fees being waived for volunteers working with children.  The fees being waived are the PA Criminal History clearance and the Child Abuse clearance.  The FBI Fingerprinting clearance is not included in this waiver and is still required for volunteering in the schools.  If you already received your clearances, there is no reimbursement for the monies spent.  The fee waiver began on July 25, 2015.



* A Letter from Our Principal
In a letter issued to all students on May 18th, 2015, our principal provided some updated information regarding recent, state-mandated changes to Volunteer Clearance requirements.
* Volunteer Guidelines
This document outlines the general guidelines for ALL Volunteers (PTO and non-PTO) within H.W. Good Elementary. Please be sure to review and adhere to all policies and procedures during your volunteer experience.
STEP 1a: Yough School District Volunteers & School Helpers Application
This application must be completed each year that you wish to perform in ANY volunteer capacity at H.W. Good Elementary, whether it be a PTO-Sponsored or a School-Sponsored volunteer activity. SCHOOL-SPONSORED activities include Library Volunteers, Veterans Day Program, and Classroom Parties. Complete the application and submit it to the School Office, along with a copy of your Photo ID.
STEP 1b: H.W. Good Elementary PTO Membership Application
This application must be completed each year that you wish to volunteer for PTO-sponsored activities at H.W. Good Elementary. PTO-SPONSORED activities include Open House, Fun in the Sun Day, Field Trips, etc. Complete the application and submit it to the H.W. Good PTO. Please include your annual membership due when submitting the application.
STEP 2: PA State Criminal History (PATCH) Clearances [ACT 34]
Click the link to complete online. Be sure to click the yellow "New Record Check" button, noted with "Volunteers Only," to receive the check at no charge. Non-volunteer applicants will be charged a fee for processing. Once you receive your response, please forward a copy to the School Office.
STEP 3: PA Child Abuse Clearances [ACT 151]
Click the link to complete online; you will be required to create an individual account. Creating an account and submitting your clearance application online will give you immediate access to your results (or the status of your results if your results cannot be processed immediately). For anyone who may not have access to the internet, paper submissions of the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance application will still be accepted. Submit Form CY113 to: ChildLine and Abuse Registry | Pennsylvania Department of Human Services | PO Box 8170 | Harrisburg, PA 17105-8170. Once you receive your response, please forward a copy to the School Office.
STEP 4: FBI FBI Fingerprint Criminal Background Clearances [ACT 114]
Register with fingerprinting agency, COGENT, prior to fingerprinting - https://www.pa.cogentid.com/index.htm. Registration can be completed online or over the phone. Applicants will be charged a fee for fingerprinting services. Once you receive your response, please forward a copy to the School Office.