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  • Math RTII Incentive Program

    Math RTII Incentive Program

    Congratulations to the 71 students who have made their RTII Math yearly goal already. These students were invited down to sign the VIP poster.

    All other students were given a sheet similar to the one below with extra practice attached so they can continue to work at home to meet their goal by the end of the year. We hope that you can also help them at home by reviewing the skill listed on their goal sheet.

    Keep working hard so you can attend the mystery event!!!

    Thank you Mrs Klobucar for taking the time to organize this incentive program!

    HW Good Elementary
  • Bus Pick Up

    Just a reminder that starting today any student not picked up at the bus stop will be taken back to the Yough Middle School at for pick up. The authorized pick- up person must bring their ID to identify themselves. Everyone is reminded to please be at the bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled drop off time. Any questions, please call the school.
    STA garage number is 724-872-5490.

    HW Good Elementary
  • November Keys to Kindness

    The November Keys of Kindness Award was given to Nanette Kuttler. Nan was voted by her peers based on the interactions with our students, parents, staff, and community. Each building will award one staff member each month.

    Here is what someone said about her for the nomination. "Nan is the face of our building. For some of our visitors, she is the first person those from the community meet. She sets the stage for showing off our building by her wonderful personality. Over the past two weeks, I have been told on several occasions how welcoming and kind she is to visitors. The state auditor for Pre-K counts mentioned how well she was treated, how friendly and accommodating she was. She told me that she was in several schools this week and by far treated the best and felt so welcomed here. She was able to tell within the first two minutes what a great school we were going to have. The second was from the fire alarm technician. He told me how impressed he was with our school, Nan, our students and the staff. He talked about how welcoming we are from the moment he walks in the door. He mentioned our students waving at him and the overall culture and feel the building has. He stated he visits a lot of schools and it is not like ours. He said most secretaries won’t even lift their head to talk to him, but Nan was different. She was so talkative and kind. He said he would want his kids and grandkids to come to this school!"

    Comments like this don't come every day and two in a week says a lot about a person! We love you Nan!! Thanks for everything you do for our students, staff and community.

    HW Good Elementary
  • Career Cafe Speaker

    Attorney Ashley Lovelace was our first career cafe speaker for the 2018-2019 school year. Thank you so much for giving up your time to share your job responsibilities and skills needed with our students.

    HW Good Elementary
  • Learning New Technology

    Ms Bogac’s class enjoying their time working with Mr Cortazzo and learning new technology skills. Look at the excitement on their faces!

    HW Good Elementary

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  • Popcorn Friday!!!

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  • Blackburn Center Presentations

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